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  • The Moon

    The Moon

    Mare Nectaris is a circular sea with a diameter of 350 kilometers located south of Mare Tranquillitatis and separated from Mare Fecunditatis by the Montes Pyrenaeus mountain range.Along its edges there are the craters Teophilus and Fracastorius.

  • The Moon

    The Moon

    Here there are some photos of the Moon approximately two days after the full moon phase:

  • Last quarter moon

    Last quarter moon

    Here are some shots of the moon in a phase very close to the last quarter.

  • Aristoteles and Eudoxus

    Aristoteles and Eudoxus

    Aristoteles and Eudoxus are two craters about 88 and 68 kilometers wide.The flat area in the lower right is Lacus Mortis (Lake of Death) with the rimae Burg.

  • Theophilus


    Theophilus is a crater 101 kilometres wide, 4400 meters deep and located between Sinus Asperitatis and Mare Nectaris.It is characterized by a central mountain group that rises for about 2000 meters from the bottom of the crater. You can see the same crater from an other point of view using the data from Lunar Orbiter…

  • The Apollo 11 site

    The Apollo 11 site

    The photo shows the southern edge of the Sea of Tranquility where the Eagle lem of the Apollo 11 mission landed on 20 July 1969 bringing astronauts Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin to the Moon while the Columbia module with Michael Collins on board remained in lunar orbit.In their honor some of the area’s craters…

  • Kepler


    Kepler is an isolated crater on the edge of the Oceanus Procellarum with evident rays due to the impact of a meteorite.

  • Aristarchus


    Aristarchus is a crater with a diameter of 40 km and is one of the brightest areas on the Moon.Close to it there are the Herodotus crater from which the deep rhyme Vallis Schroteri starts and the ghost crater Prinz.

  • Clavius


    The Clavius crater is one of the biggest craters and it is located near the south pole in a heavily cratered region.Water molecules have recently been discovered inside Clavius.

  • Montes Apenninus

    Montes Apenninus

    The Montes Apenninus are a long mountain range between Mare Imbrium (left) and Mare Serenitatis (right) and the its highest peak is about 5400 meters.Below the Montes Apenninus end on the Eratosthens crater and the largest crater in the photo is Archimedes.Very interesting is the Rima Hadley that it is a rille near the western…