Last quarter moon

Here are some shots of the moon in a phase very close to the last quarter.

In the upper left quadrant of the photo there is the crater Albategnius with a diameter of 136 kilometers and a central peak about 1200 meters high.

The crater Tycho, 86 kilometers in diameter.

The Vallis Alpes, a valley 130 kilometers long and 11 kilometers wide that crosses the Montes Alpes and connects the Mare Imbrium, on the left, with the Mare Frigoris, on the right.
To the lower left of the photo there is the isolated Mons Piton about 2250 meters high.

At the top right of the photo you can see the Mons Piton of 2250 meters and towards the center there is the mountain range of Montes Spitzbergen of maximum height 1410 meters; at the lower left there is the crater Archimedes, and to the right there is Aristillus with a group of central peaks.


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