The Moon: Plato and Copernucus craters

On the night of December 26th 2020 I photographed the Moon 12 days after the new moon, then a crescent moon just some days before the full moon phase.

In the first photo you can see the region around the Plato crater with a diameter of 101 km, near the north pole.
Towards east there are the Montes Alpes crossed by the Vallis Alpes, a deep canyon 130 km long and 11 km wide.
At south of Plato in Mare Imbrium there are some isolated mountains such as Mons Pico (2400 meters) and Montes Recti.
The Plato crater was also the site of Alpha Moon Base in Space 1999 movie.

In the center of the second photo there is the huge Copernicus crater, one of the most striking structures on the Moon; it has a diameter of 93 km and a depth of 3800 meters and it is in the middle of the east edge of the Oceanus Procellarum.


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