The merge tag

The merge tag allows you to avoid an unnecessary use of nested layouts when you use the include tag.
Consider the following example that consists of 3 files .xml as layout:

  • activity_main.xml

    this file .xml creates a vertical LinearLayout with a TextView inside and the contents of the file merge_1_level.xml using the include tag
  • merge_1_level.xml

    This file adds another TextView and the contents of the file merge_2_level.xm using the include tag
  • merge_2_level.xml

    this file adds the last TextView

The final result in the emulator is as follows:

The resulting layout is equivalent to:

As you can see the nested LinearLayouts are useless and redundant, to optimize the code you can use the merge tag in the included files: merge_1_level.xml and merge_2_level.xml

  • merge_1_level.xml
  • merge_2_level.xml

In this way the resulting layout is equivalent to:

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