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  • M 66

    M 66

    M 66 is a galaxy in the Leo constellation and it is a spiral galaxy with a weak bar.It is located at a distance of 31 million light years and is moving away from us with a speed of about 700 km/s.

  • M 51

    M 51

    This is my first attempt to photograph a galaxy, the subject is the spiral galaxy M 51 interacting with the galaxy NGC 5195.

  • Clavius


    The Clavius crater is one of the biggest craters and it is located near the south pole in a heavily cratered region.Water molecules have recently been discovered inside Clavius.

  • Montes Apenninus

    Montes Apenninus

    The Montes Apenninus are a long mountain range between Mare Imbrium (left) and Mare Serenitatis (right) and the its highest peak is about 5400 meters.Below the Montes Apenninus end on the Eratosthens crater and the largest crater in the photo is Archimedes.Very interesting is the Rima Hadley that it is a rille near the western…

  • Montes Carpatus

    Montes Carpatus

    The mountain formation in the center of the photo are the Montes Carpatus that are several peaks separated by deep valleys.The large crater just below is Copernicus while the crater near the right edge of the photo is Eratosthenes and between them you see the ghost crater Stadius, the rest of an ancient impact crater…

  • Bullialdus


    In this photo the most evident formation is the Bullialdus crater with a diameter of 61 km located on the western edge of the Mare Nubium, while on the eastern side of the Mare Nubium near the lower right corner of the photo there is Rupes Recta, a fault with a length of 110 km…

  • The Moon: Plato and Copernucus craters

    The Moon: Plato and Copernucus craters

    On the night of December 26th 2020 I photographed the Moon 12 days after the new moon, then a crescent moon just some days before the full moon phase.

  • The opposition of Mars

    The opposition of Mars

    A few days before the opposition of Mars, I got these four images between 20:15 UT and 21:25 UT on 13 October 2020.

  • The south pole of the Moon

    The south pole of the Moon

    This photo is one of the first photos taken with the new telescope on October 9, 2020 at 22:21 UT.

  • New Astronomy category in this blog

    In the last 4 years I have not used this blog but now I want to resume publishing the photos taken with my new telescope.Astronomy has been a my hobby since I was a child, unfortunately I had to stop for many years and now I would like to start observing the sky again. On…