Avoiding too frequent updates to the views

In Android in order to avoid to do too work in the main thread, most of the operations should be carried out in a secondary thread or a class that extends AsyncTask; then the final results are reported in some view to be shown to the user using Activity.runOnUiThread(Runnable) or View.post(Runnable) (see Processes and Threads) or Handler.handleMessage() (see Communicating with the UI Thread). Continue reading “Avoiding too frequent updates to the views”

Handling the multi-touch in a view

In this post you find a full example about how to

  • extend a view to draw, in this case, a circle where you touch the screen
  • implement a listener on a view to handle the multi-touch

How to fix a corrupted view of a lotus database

I found this command to use on the console of the domino server to rebuild a specific corrupted view in a lotus database without rebuilding all the views of the database:

lo updall -R [database] -T [view]

where [database] is the path to the database and [view] is the name of the view.

Exporting a lotus view to excel

In this post I explain how to export all the documents in a view of a lotus database to an excel spreadsheet using the library Apache POI.
It is a very simple example that exports the string for each column in the view for every document, but you can add other features such as the formatting of the cell contents, or other features of excel.