2 Replies to “The Dojo attributes toolbarType and toolbar of a Rich Rext control in the XPages”

  1. I just created myself a custom toolbar and noticed that the Cut and Copy are greyed out and not clickable for me also. This is regardless of where I am in the CKEditor control. I even typed in new text to see if I could highlight and copy without luck. I also tried to use the ‘Full’ toolbarType and used Simple Binding rather than a scoped variable with same result. Will continue to investigate and post reply if I find something.

  2. If I add the ‘Cut’,’Copy’,’Paste’ icons, they appear in the toolbar but Cut and Copy are greyed out and not clickable. I am able to use keyboard shortcuts ctrl-c and ctrl-v, but they work correctly with or without the icons. How do I enable the icons so they function properly?

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