Adriano Zanini

I write faithfully a letter sent from a his job colleague when he decided to resign.
In the last 8 years of his life he became ill of the Alzheimer’s disease.

Dear Adriano,

from when I phoned you I could not set in order the letter that already I began to write the same day that I knew the end of your relationship of job, that is the day of the return of…
I want very much to say you again how much I am sorry for all this thing!
I want to say you that I am near to you, I am near to all your family, to your wife that I estimate a lot, even if I don’t have the pleasure to know her personally, but only through you.
For me you were one of the best colleagues: I always admired your seriousness and discretion, your dignity, your availability and generosity.
I thank you for all this.
I feel your friend and I feel fair to say it and I thank you for your friendship.
I always admired the fact that you didn’t ever flattered anybody, on the contrary of not few people.
The Christmas is coming and I ask to our Admirable Saviour, to our God so wonderfully good, that He gives you what others denied to you.

I hug you with your family.