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# vs $ in the computed expressions in the xpages

In the xml code of the xpages the computed expressions begin with the character “#” or with the character “$”, ie they are one of the following types: value=”#{[language]:[expression]}” value=”${[language]:[expression]}” where [language] is the name of the language, for example javascript and [expression] is the expression to compute. The question is “what is the difference […]

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How to access to a control connected to a lotus field using javascript

In this post I test how to access via javascript to the following controls connected to a lotus field: Edit Box: a control for entering a single line of data Hidden Input: a control for hiding data to the user A Hidden Input control is not such as an Edit Box control with “Visible” unchecked […]

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Validation of an Edit Box control in the XPages

In the XPages the “Edit Box” controls have some settings that allow you to perform simple validations. These settings are under the label “Validation” of the control and depend on the value of “Display Type” under the label “Data”; in the figure you can see a screenshot of the validation of an Edit Box control […]

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