Hiding a rich text field

Hiding a rich text field with a formula “Hide paragraph if formula is true” does not work as with other fields.
In fact the contents of rich text field can retain the same property “Hide paragraph if formula is true” when it is saved even if this property was modified with a notes client designer.
This situation occurs when the rich text field is the first element of a row or a cell of a table.
To set the new property for a rich text field, type a space or other element before the rich text field.

The method getDocumentByUNID in NotesDatabase class

The method getDocumentByUNID NotesDatabase class returns the appropriate document for the UniversalUnid passed as argument, but it does not return Nothing if it does not find the document but the error 4091 (lsERR_NOTES_BAD_UNID).
Then a code to handle this would be the following:

Replace a string in the documents in a Lotus database

I think it might be useful to replace each occurrence of a string in all the documents or in the selected documents in a Lotus database, especially when you want to replace a user in the fields author/reader.
The use of roles or groups should be recommended to set the access to the documents, but there may be cases where the user’s name has been used as in Lotus Workflow projects.
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