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# vs $ in the computed expressions in the xpages

In the xml code of the xpages the computed expressions begin with the character “#” or with the character “$”, ie they are one of the following types: value=”#{[language]:[expression]}” value=”${[language]:[expression]}” where [language] is the name of the language, for example javascript and [expression] is the expression to compute. The question is “what is the difference […]

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How to access to a control connected to a lotus field using javascript

In this post I test how to access via javascript to the following controls connected to a lotus field: Edit Box: a control for entering a single line of data Hidden Input: a control for hiding data to the user A Hidden Input control is not such as an Edit Box control with “Visible” unchecked […]

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Getting the current document from a button in an embedded editor

Consider the following scenario: a lotus form containing an embedded view and an embedded editor, the 2 embedded controls are linked together according to targeting by linking an embedded editor to an embedded view. The embedded editor contains a button that tries to get the current document (often called uidoc) with the code:

but […]

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